intoSicily: transforming an holiday rental agency

For 15 years, intoSicily has been making dream holidays a reality in the beautiful island of Sicily.
As a proud director of this incredible company, I led in 2019 its IT transformation.

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  • YEAR 2019-2021

  • PROJECT FOR intoSicily, an holiday rental agency

  • ROLE: Do-it-all Director

  • IN COLLABORATION WITH: VRBookings, an Italian management software that developed the new intosicily website

  • TOOLS: XD Illustrator Google Docs PMS Social Media Meta Business


Providing my colleagues with more time for focussing on providing services to guests;

Allowing guests to finally be able to book directly via the intoSicily website.

Action taken

Automating repetitive processes with the help of a management software;

Upgrading the website from a basic display to a fully functional e-commerce platform;

Revamping the brand image;

Boosting the online presence of the agency;

the new logo and an illustration for social media intosicily homepage

The New Image

I knew it was time for a change, and I’ve started with the logo.
The old logo had been around for 10 years and was starting to show its age.

I decided on a figurative logo that would feature a sunny Sicilian setting by the sea. To make it more authentic, I chose Casa Arturo, one of our company's first and most iconic properties, as the cornerstone of the design.

I kept the bright yellow and turquoise colours from the old website and chose a round logo format that would fit well in the circular spaces used by larger rental platforms like Airbnb and VRBO

I used the same design style to create a consistent look and feel across all our communications, including our correspondence with owners, our social media accounts and of course our new website.

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