Design and Development of a Responsive Website

A vineyard on Mt Etna

Tools: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP

The world of the wine might looks sometimes a little standoffish, charming but quite unapprochable. Monte Trigona came to me with the idea of proposing quality Sicilian wines without a pretence of highbrow allure.

What this is mind I thought a website on shades of wine and of lava rocks, but with clean, geometric lines. I've paired a masculin font Oswald with a fun Montserrat, and I let the images speak for the vineyards.

Being the vineyard on Mt Etna, for the logo I played with the letters composing the name Monte Trigona to highlight a word in the word, i.e. Etna.

When I created the site in CSS and HTML, I made sure that it was fully responsive and accessible from all devises using flex, grid and media queries.

Logos Design

And Brand Identity

Tools: Adobe Illustrator

intoSicily has been renting dream holiday rentals in Sicily for 15 years, and I'm proud of having been working with them. In the recent IT transformation of the company, I was asked to supervise the design of the new website and to create a new logo.

I decided to go for a figurative kind of logo in order to evoke an ideal Sicilian setting: sunny and by the sea. However, I didn't want it to be just an abstract imaginary place, given all the beautiful houses in the company collection. Therefore I looked for a cornerstone rental property and found Casa Arturo. One of the first houses to be advertised and one of intoSicily's pride.

I kept the bright colours of the old website — the yellow and the turquoise — and I chose a round format to fit well into the often circular spaces dedicated to owners and property managers identity in larger rental platforms like airbnb and VRBO.