Showcase websites in HTML5, CSS3 and Wordpress


  • YEAR 2020-2022



  • TOOLS: HTML5 CSS3 Wordpress Miro XD Illustrator Photoshop


When I first started working in web design, I was juggling multiple clients while still holding down my previous job.
Although it was challenging to manage everything, those experiences taught me valuable lessons in digital project management that I continue to rely on today.

Make-up Artist website

My main goal as a web designer for a makeup artist was to create a website showcasing her work for weddings and events and providing an easy way for potential clients to contact her.

During a discussion where I showed her a benchmark, we realised that Instagram would be a better platform to showcase her work. Therefore, we decided to create a simple one-page website featuring a call-to-action directing users to her Instagram account alongside a 'contact me'.

Additionally, I suggested that my client develop her Pinterest account to expand her reach to potential clients. However, my client did not prioritise this suggestion, and we opted to include a simple social button.

For this project I retouched and resized photos with Photoshop.

A Young Couture Seamstress's Website

This client had a clear vision for her website, including a logo, mood-board, and numerous photos.

My role has been to help her structure the information architecture of her site and to help her come up with a suitable content.

We did not agree on everything, especially on the target audience for her business. Yet, I delivered a functional website that the client liked.
I developed it in Wordpress with a child theme and added illustration made with Illustrator.

Service List

One of the challenges faced during the project was displaying a long list of services that the client offers, along with their prices, in a user-friendly way.

Initially, I’ve added a focus highlight to aid the reader in scrolling through the list, but during prototype testing, some users expected the highlighted prices to be clickable buttons. This created confusion for the users and caused difficulty in navigating the list.

Therefore I proposed to break down the list into smaller sections, making it easier to scan it without the need for highlights. This was achieved by categorising the services and their respective prices, which helped the user to quickly locate the services they were interested in.

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